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Flying Pen Press is working on three different projects under its Game Day imprint:

The Game Day Poker Almanac

Standard Rules and Definitions for Fantasy Role Playing

An anthology of short stories by gaming industry professionals (Title to be determined.)


The Game Day Poker Almanac will be an almanac of all things about poker. Here is a sample of the intended contents of the Poker Almanac:

  • Official Rules of Poker
  • Poker Odds
  • Poker Glossary
  • Directory of Poker Rooms Worldwide
  • Directory of Online Poker Sites
  • Directory of Poker Tours and Tournaments
  • Legal Guide to Playing Poker, State-by-State and Nation-by-Nation
  • Directory of Poker Associations
  • Poker Statistics
  • Bibliography of Poker Books and Publications
  • Cheating Prevention
  • Biographies of Poker Personalities
  • Catalog of Poker-Related Products
  • Poker Trivia

…and so much more.


Anyone interested in listing their company in the Poker Almanac should contact the book editor at editor.pokeralmanac@flyingpenpress.com.

Anyone wishing to advertise in the Poker Almanac should contact the publisher at publisher@flyingpenpress.com.

Poker rooms (including casinos, card rooms, cruise ships and other venues where poker is legal and professionally dealt) that wish to be listed in the poker-venue directory should contact the editor at the email listed above.

The Game Day Poker Almanac is a large project, and it will take shape over the next three years. The first edition is expected in Summer 2007, and will include the official rules of poker, glossary and the legal guide. Look for the title: The Game Day Poker Almanac Official Rules of Poker. After that, the Game Day Poker Almanac will be published in annual editions.

The publisher is seeking writers for The Game Day Poker Almanac. It is especially interested in hearing from legal writers. See the Positions page, here, for more information.

The Standard Rules and Definitions for Fantasy Role Playing is a reprint of the SRD, an open game system for fantasy role-playing originally published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. The Game Day version is a seven-volume book.

The original SRD from Wizards of the Coast is an 80-volume set of Word documents that are difficult to read in their electronic version. The original has no pagination, no index and no table of contents. Tables in the original are hard to decipher. Game Day is cleaning up these files and making them easy to read in a printed book, while adding a thorough, three-tier, completely cross-referenced index that makes the rules easy and quick to reference in the heat of play.

The SRD rules are also the basis of many of the fantasy role-playing games on the market, and Game Day’s version will be an affordable alternative for players of fantasy role-playing games. The short name for the Standard Rules and Definitions for Fantasy Role Playing is SRD Fantasy. Also watch for SRD Sci-Fi, SRD Thriller and SRD Horror in the years to come.

The first two volumes of SRD Fantasy, as well as a combined edition that will include these first two volumes, is due in Summer 2007.

The publisher is seeking writers and indexers for SRD Fantasy. Read the Positions page, here, for more information.

Flying Pen Press is currently working on an anthology of short stories by professional game industry people.

There is no single theme for the collection; as it would be much more difficult to get all the game people to write on a single theme, especially as many of them tend to very busy.

This is a great opportunity for game industry people to show their fiction writing talents; that many do not get to display otherwise and in some case has not been seen by the public. Each section by an author will be introduced with their credits in the game industry.

Currently we have several confirmed authors and many more that have shown an interest.

Current confirmed authors are:

  • Gary Gygax, of Dungeons and Dragons fame, who is currently working on Lejendary Adventures fantasy role-playing game (www.lejendary.com)
    Gary worked with author K.R. Bourgoine, who has done several Gord stories, and is currently working on The Acquisitioners.

  • Andy Looney, of Looney Labs, known for Fluxx, Chrononauts, and Treehouse; who is currently working on Zombie Fluxx card game (www.looneylabs.com)

  • Matt Forbeck, of Full Moon Enterprises, known for Deadlands, Brave New World, Marked for Death, Blood Bowl, Secret of the Spiritkeeper, Marvel Heroes Battle Dice, Redhurst Academy of Magic, Dracula's Revenge, The Lord of the Rings RPG, ArmA: Modern Combat, and R.E.V.s, who is currently working on Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating Dungeons & Dragons Characters (http://www.forbeck.com)

  • Chris Clark, of Inner City games, known for Fuzzy Heroes and War Pigs, who is currently working on Playin' in the Streets ("quasi-reality of bad 1970s television police dramas") role-playing game (www.fuzzyheroes.com)

  • Graeme and Catherine Thomson, of HL Games, known for Go mental trivia games (has several versions), are currently working on Who Ate the Pies, the pie collecting race game, and AmuseAmaze spelling word race game (www.hlgames.com)

  • Dennis Klein, of Karmel Games, well known for Anagramania and Nymble word games as well as EqualZ the math-based card game, who is currently working on the Advanced Edition of Anagramania (www.karmelgames.com)

  • Lisa Steenson, of Gut Bustin' Games, known for Redneck Life board game, who is currently working on Trailer Wars strategy game (www.rednecklife.us)

  • Patrick Matthews, of Live Oak Games, known for Siege Stones, Calaboose, and Ice Lake; who is currently working on Story Tellers (www.liveoakgames.com)

  • Andy Vetromile, a freelancer editor and writer, who edited GURPS Supers, authored The Complete Caveman's Club Book (Inner City Games), did both some writing and editing on The Lost Toys (Inner City Games), and is currently working writing parts of the Demon Hunters RPG with Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. Andy can be contacted via (www.GameGroup.Org)

  • Dave Wainio, of Three Sages Games, known for Realms of Wor, Rules of Wor, Elvish Checkers, and Gnome Crystals, who is currently working on Art of Wor and Rules of Wor module projects due out later this year. (www.threesagesgames.com)

  • Curt Covert, of Smirk and Dagger Games, creator of Hex Hex, Run for Your Life Candyman!, Dead Hand Chaos Poker, who is currently working on Cutthroat Caverns, and the expansion Cutthroat Caverns-Deeper and Darker projects releasing in August 2007 and October 2007 respectively. (www.smirkanddagger.com)

  • Carey Grayson, of Sunriver Games, known for 24/7 the Game, who is currently working on Bridgetown Races, Birds on a Wire, Moon Raker, and Claws (www.sunrivergames.com)

This is not an open submission project.

In addition to these three projects, Flying Pen Press is reading and preparing novels under its fiction imprints. The first novels are due out in Summer 2007. Authors interested in submitting their manuscripts for publication should read the Submissions page, here.

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